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Technical Datasheet

ARTUTAN is the trade name given to normal Valex extract.

ARTUTAN is used in the production of different types of leathers.

It is recommended in the retannage of shoe-upper suede, lining and similar leathers.

ARTUTAN is widely used in the production of sole, leathe goods and relevant leathers either alone or in combination with other vegetable extracts.

It is compatible with synthetic tannins, dyestuffs, fat liquors and other auxiliary chemical products. 

The general properties and advantages of ARTUTAN are as follows:

–          By using in retannage of chrome leathers fine and tight grain is obtained, together with filling of empty structure.

–          Chrome leathers retanned have more improved and easier buffing properties, mainly important for corrected grain and split leathers.

–          The natural look with polishing and glazing is easily obtained.

–          Printing and embossing properties are increased.

–          Sole leathers tanned gain remarkable weight yield.

–          The fibers of sole leathers are dense and compact.

–          The water resistance of leathers are enhanced when compared with other tanning agents.

–          The light fastness is better than several other extracts.

–          It is environmentally friendly natural product and does not create hazardous wastes.


ARTUTAN is a powder edifice and is available for sale in kraft bags weighing 25 kg-net or in 25 kg-net double-decker polypropylene bags.

Storage Terms

ARTUTAN should be stored in its original packaging, dry environment and protected from direct sunlight.