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ARTUTAN is the commercial name given to the normal Valex extract.
ARTUTAN can be used in the production of different skins.
Screw, suede, primer and similar skins are recommended in the retenage.
ARTUTAN can be used alone or with other herbal tannes, especially in the sepiing of the skins of different system leather sequential sequentives.
Compatible with synthetic tanning, dyes, oils and other known auxiliary chemicals.


Artutan A

ARTUTAN-A is a sepification agent developed especially for the production of leather and leather applied in different methods and systems.
The product can be used alone or by combining kebrako, mimosa at different rates.
ARTUTAN-A penetrates into an easy and fast in-depth section of the suitable pre-sepiating skins and helps a balanced distribution of kesite with other extras used.


Artutan B

ARTUTAN-B is a chemically modified extract-based and developed for multi-purpose use containing synthetic tannes.
The product can be used in different types of leather production with its high sepiing power.
In particular, in the production of screw (shoe face skin) and similar leather productions, it fills the skirt and armpit areas, increasing the cutting value, ensuring fuller and frugal leather.


Red Pine Bark Extract (Artutan K)

ARTUTAN K is produced from the knit pine tree (Pinus Brutia) shell.
This product is a new herbal tanning extract that is industrially processed by our company and can be used in many fields.



Acorn is the fruit of the oak tree, the nut part of of the acorn caps. Due to high tannin content, it has a bitter taste. With approx. 2000kcal is used in animal feding fro sheep, squirrel and rabbits.


Acorn Flour

Among 20 species of oak trees in Turkey, only 2-3 appropriate types (bot. Quercus ithaburensis) is the source for acorns used for making acorn flour. After passing through several processes, acorn flour is obtained and the only ingredients are acorn and water but no other additives. It is 100% glüten free!


Sumach Leaves Powder

Sumach powder can be advised in the production of different types of leathers.
The tannin leaches out very rapidly and penetrates easily into the leather structure.
Pretanned or wet-white prepared leathers can be fully tanned with sumach which will give satisfactory physical and chemical properties.



Gallnut is a natural tannin used in several industries. It is used as a raw materisl in pharmaceutical, dye and food industries. Gallnut is generally found in East/ Southeast Turkey


Chestnut Bark Extract

Vegetable tannin extract made from the chestnut bark, found naturally in the Turkish forests.