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Technical Datasheet

ARTUTAN-A is developed for the tannage of vegetable tanned leather products.

ARTUTAN-A contains modified vegetable tannin extracts, suitable synthetic tannins and supplementary auxiliary chemicals.

It is efficiently and successfully used in the tannage of sole leather where different production methods and systems are seen.

In this respect, it is easily applied in the pit, rocker and drum (semi-rapid, rapid) methods of sole leather productions.

The product can be used alone or with the combination of such as, quebracho and mimosa extracts in different ratios.

ARTUTAN-A, easily and quickly penetrates into the cut of the properly pretanned hides. It achieves a balanced distribution of the tannins in the cut of the leather when used together with another extract.

The other relevant properties and advantages of ARTUTAN-A are given below:

–          The high tannin content of the product and the efficient bath exhaustion rate creates an end product with a high yield.

–          In the sole leather productions, the desired grain colour can be obtained by using the product alone or in combination with quebracho or similar extract.

–          Depending on the finishing process followed, the product supplies full, round and standard quality sole leather.

–          The physical test results, such as, flexing(bending), abrasion resistance are sufficient and chemical analysis values are in accordance with the required standard values.

Storage Terms

ARTUTAN-A should be stored in its original packaging, dry environment and protected from direct sunlight.