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AR-TU KIMYA was established on January, 1983 to engage in marketing activities of industrial chemical agents. In the same year,Company undertook distributorship of Aegean region dealership of Chemetall in surface treatment chemicals and dealership of Hoechst in textile chemicals

Having reached 90% market share in surface treatment chemicals, Ar-Tu started negotiations with companies related to its subjects of activity in 1986

The Company has started to achieve growth with the marketing of tanning chemicals in 1989

Ar-Tu Kimya nominated itself to establish to Turkish market on behalf of Gurit Essex in 1991 and signed an agreement with Gurit Essex AG a year later in 1992 to become its exclusive agent and distributor in Turkey

Ar-Tu Kimya reached 85% share in the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the marketing of high- tech direct glazing agents

Company acquired Salihli Acorn and Valex Company as a result of on-going privatization policy in 1998 and ended its operations in marketing of textile and leather chemicals

The Company assigned the Turkish agency and distributorship to Dow Turkey by the end of 2002 and decided to concentrate its efforts in marketing of valex. Later in 2002, Ar-Tu Kimya has abandoned its operations in import & marketing and became a producer and exporter.

Our Vision

Ar-TU Kimya adopts acompany policy based on service and technical consultation in marketing. Because surface preparation chemicals sector has become increasinglyprice-sensitive as it was the case in textile and leather chemicals, company decided to assign back its distributorship roles and concentrate solely on production and exportation.

Ar-TU Kimya is the owner of valex (valonia extract) factory in Salihli since 1998 with a production capacity of 7,500 tons per year. As a result of then going-on privatization policy in Turkey, Companyacquiredthefactory from state owned Sumer Holding. The factoryin Salihli is the only plant in the world that produces valex that can be used in terms of technical quality. Our main goal is to continuously improve quality and properties of valex (molecular structure, penetration level, colour, uses, etc.) and continue exportation to four different continents despite the raw material problem we arefacing.

Our Mission

Company wants to increase the use of valex in Turkey, which has been exported for many years to many countries including Italy, France, Argentina, China and Spain. Therefore, the feedback from our clientsregarding their tannin consumption (consumption quantity, tannin type, etc.) and their and recommendations about valex will play a very crucial role in determining company’s domestic strategy.

Regarding bioenergy activities, Company provides residues of valonia cups to bioenergy companies that produce electricity.

As of 2016, the production of red pine bark extract has started and the current production capacity stands at 200 tons/year. Shipment to domestic and international markets has already began.


Cahit Dogan Yagci, Honorary Chairman

Cahit is the Honorary Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors of Ar-Tu Kimya since 1983. Previously, he was the Chair of Board of Directors.

Born 1953, Cahit graduated from Istanbul University where he studied Chemical Engineering. He also did an MBA in Business Administration at Istanbul University. 

Cahit founded Ar-Tu Kimya in 1983 (formerly known as Arda Kimya). He led Ar-Tu Kimya to become Turkish distributor of Dow Automotive AG between 1992-2002.

Sadik Arda Yagci – Chairman of the Board

Arda is appointed as the Chairman of the Board as of 2023, before that he was the member of the board between 2003-2013 and 2017-2023.  He is the elder son of Cahit Dogan Yagci

Born 1980, Arda completed his undergraduate studies in Business Administration at Koç University. He also studied a graduate degree in Finance at Dokuz Eylül University.

Arda has vast industry knowledge about the supply of forest based raw materials.  He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ar-Tu Kimya between 2013-2017.

Past experience include short-term roles with Dow Automotive AG and Koç Holding.

Faik Tuna Yagci – Member of the Board

Tuna has been a appointed as member of the board as of 2023. He is the younger son of Cahit Dogan Yagci.

Born 1989, Tuna holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from University of Southampton and a graduate degree in Finance from Imperial College London.

Past experience include internship with HSBC and Tekfen in Istanbul as well as SP & H in Los Angeles. Later on, Tuna worked as an analyst in Rothschild and EBRD.

He has worked as the Chairman of the Board of Ar-tu Kimya between 2017-2023 and member of the board between 2015-2017.