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Technical Datasheet

The Oak Pellet (6mm) is made of acorn pulp that is exposed as a result of the processing of cones of acorn trees grown in Western Anatolia. 100% natural and without the use of additives is done pelletization. Our raw material is acorns, cones of the genus “quercus ithaburensis/ quercus macropelis”.

As AR-TU Kimya, we have been producing herbal tannin extract sustenance and manufacturing and domestic/international sales of its products, especially to become acorn cones in salihli-manisa since 1998.

Material: Anatolian acorn oak

Mechanical Durability: 97.5%

Diameter: 6mm

Color: Light brown


Oak pellet sits in 15-20kg pp/pe packages or 600kg bigbags.

Storage Conditions

The oak pellet should be stored in dry areas and kept away from direct sunlight and stored in its original packaging.